iHeart My Face -Scrubby

Regular exfoliating is a SUPER important part of preventing and treating body acne and inflamed pores. You want to rid your skin’s surface of those dead skin cells to help prevent bacteria, sweat, and dirt from getting stuck underneath the skin’s surface.

Even for those with normal skin type, exfoliating every day can lead to excessive dryness, irritation, redness and even broken blood vessels. It’s a good idea to exfoliate once or twice a week to brush away dead cells and the dull outer layer of skin.

SO…..Don’t overuse this little gem!

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Yarn: Red Heart Scrubby Yarn
Hook: 4.25mm

US Terms:
CH(s): Chain(s)
HDC: half double crochet Slst: slip stitch
ST(s): stitch(es)

Note: You will be working between each st.

Base of the scrubby:

R 1: CH 3, 6 HDC in the 3rd ch from the hook (6)
R 2: CH 1, turn, 2 HDC in each st. (12)
R 3: CH 1, turn, *2 HDC, HDC in next st.* repeat 5 more times (18)

Finger Hole/Handle:

R 4: CH 1, turn, SlSt into 3 sts;
CH 4, skip 11 sts, SlSt into the next st.
*[Fasten off yarn and sew in ends]

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Sonic The Hedgehog (Free Pattern)



This guy took me 8 hours over 5 days to make. I had to tweak the pattern a bit. I added some rounds of sc for the tail, to enlongate it for stability.

Hindsight I would center the eyes closer to the nose. His eyes are kind of wonky and spread too far apart for my taste. 

**Tips for making the EYES**: I used a dry erase marker to outline a close-up screenshot of the eyes on my phone, a computer screen also works. I measured the muzzle and then used a ruler to get the eyes as large as I wanted and I traced it on the screen then onto a paper then onto the felt. I did the same thing for the green part of his eyes. I used black and white yarn to embroider the green part of the eye.

Ring Pattern: In gold yarn

Chain 18, slip stitch the chain to form a circle.

Single crochet in each of the chains. Then Slip Stitch in each sc around. 

This makes the ring curve naturally.  

How to Size a hat!

You just need to do some light math!

You will need a measuring tape.


Words to know:

  • Head Circumference= the distance around the head.
  • Diameter: the straight line passing from side to side through the center of a circle in this case the center of the crown portion

Things you need to know:

How to crochet in the round.

The trick to increasing in the round.

Formula to find hat diameter:

Head Circumference/ 3.14= Hat diameter

( / represents the division sign)


23in/3.14 =7.32in

13.5in/3.14 = 4.3in

Find the hat’s length from crown to ear using the head circumference.

Formula to find hat length:

Head circumference*4/10= hat length

( * represents the multiplication sign)



23in*4/10= 9.2in

13.5*4/10= 5.4in


Use the measuring tape to measure your circle to confirm you have the correct diameter.20160518_183519_Richtone(HDR)-1.jpg

Please let me know if this makes sense!!




Summer Shoe

 ETSY PATTERN (full details photos and diagrams)

Finished Products


Buy This Shoe—^

Buy This Shoe—^




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Summer Shoe

designed by HookThatYarn

Things you will need

  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Flip flop-size one size under your size if you wear a size 7 in shoes you need a size 5-6 in flip flops.
  • Size 4.5mm hook
  • Sugar-n-cream yarn 100% cotton

Abbreviations of terms:

  • Chain- ch
  • Double Crochet- dc
  • Single crochet- sc
  • Slip Stitch- ss
  • Half Double crochet- Hdc

Triangular Shawl

Traditional granny square shawl with a border!

Full Etsy Pattern $4.00 

or Purchase Finished Shawl $30.00

Shawl Pattern:

Round 1: Ch4, 3dc into 4th chain from hook, ch2, 4dc into same chain.

Round 2: Turn work ch3 (ch3 counts as a dc), make 3dc into first dc space, 3dc (into space of previous round), ch2, 3dc in same space (this forms the corner), 4 dc in the space between the last dc/chain 3 space of the previous round.

Round 3:Turn work ch3, 3dc into first dc space, 3dc (into space of previous round), 3dc into next space, ch2, 3dc in same space, 3dc into next space,  4 dc in the  space between the last  dc/chain 3 space of the previous round.

Repeat pattern for 38 rounds or desired length. (Use diagram)


Shawl wrapped view.jpg




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