Hook That Yarn

Crochet For God


I had my first encounter with crocheting as a child of about 7. I began learning crochet in junior year of high school, taught by Evelyn and my bus driver. Years past, I never gave up on crocheting completely. I continued to learn and grow in this craft with YouTuber tutorials as my reference. I had the idea to start try crocheting for hire. After months of procrastination and letting doubt and fear stop me I finally stepped out in faith, after my good friend and sister-in-Christ Cheska, Graphic Designer,  bought two scarves from me.  My small business grew from that day on and I officially launched my Facebook Page on October 2015. Originally my business was named Crystal’s Crochet Corner, I felt like this name didn’t really grasp what I do, I don’t just crochet in the corner, attempt at humor. So I started searching for the perfect name and I believe God gave me that name… Hook That Yarn Crochet For God. It was perfect it fit, and bonus no one else had the name!!!

Contact information:

Email: hookthatyarn@gmail.com

Phone: 773-983-9399

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hookthatyarn

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/hookthatyarn

Google search: hookthatyarn



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