This guy took me 8 hours over 5 days to make. I had to tweak the pattern a bit. I added some rounds of sc for the tail, to enlongate it for stability.

Hindsight I would center the eyes closer to the nose. His eyes are kind of wonky and spread too far apart for my taste. 

**Tips for making the EYES**: I used a dry erase marker to outline a close-up screenshot of the eyes on my phone, a computer screen also works. I measured the muzzle and then used a ruler to get the eyes as large as I wanted and I traced it on the screen then onto a paper then onto the felt. I did the same thing for the green part of his eyes. I used black and white yarn to embroider the green part of the eye.

Ring Pattern: In gold yarn

Chain 18, slip stitch the chain to form a circle.

Single crochet in each of the chains. Then Slip Stitch in each sc around. 

This makes the ring curve naturally.