You just need to do some light math!

You will need a measuring tape.


Words to know:

  • Head Circumference= the distance around the head.
  • Diameter: the straight line passing from side to side through the center of a circle in this case the center of the crown portion

Things you need to know:

How to crochet in the round.

The trick to increasing in the round.

Formula to find hat diameter:

Head Circumference/ 3.14= Hat diameter

( / represents the division sign)


23in/3.14 =7.32in

13.5in/3.14 = 4.3in

Find the hat’s length from crown to ear using the head circumference.

Formula to find hat length:

Head circumference*4/10= hat length

( * represents the multiplication sign)



23in*4/10= 9.2in

13.5*4/10= 5.4in


Use the measuring tape to measure your circle to confirm you have the correct diameter.20160518_183519_Richtone(HDR)-1.jpg

Please let me know if this makes sense!!