Summer Shoe

 ETSY PATTERN (full details photos and diagrams)

Finished Products


Buy This Shoe—^

Buy This Shoe—^




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Summer Shoe

designed by HookThatYarn

Things you will need

  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Flip flop-size one size under your size if you wear a size 7 in shoes you need a size 5-6 in flip flops.
  • Size 4.5mm hook
  • Sugar-n-cream yarn 100% cotton

Abbreviations of terms:

  • Chain- ch
  • Double Crochet- dc
  • Single crochet- sc
  • Slip Stitch- ss
  • Half Double crochet- Hdc

3 thoughts on “Summer Shoe

  1. Why can’t I buy the summer shoe crochet pattern using flip flops? I see it all over Etsy but when I click on the item, it says sorry unavailable. Is the PDF available anymore?


      1. Yes life happens to us all no worries. Thanks so much for sending me the link. I love to crochet and they will just have to be for next year as winter is settling in here once again lol
        Hugs from Saskatchewan Canada


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